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Karma of Charme is hip and stylish with an authentic touch!   

The boots are hand made in the coastal town of Civitanova, the centre of the Italian shoe industry. With an impressive range of 25 different styles and colours,

Karma of Charme has an unique boot that has it all. The shoes are classic bohemian but have a certains style and class. The 5 cm high built-in heel gives an extra touch of elegance and length and makes them also very comfortable to wear.  

Many European celebrities are being seen with Karma of Charme boots! After Ibiza, St. Tropez, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam, the boots are now making their way towards the United States.

Karma of Charme shoes are the perfect fit if you are looking for something different. The shoe represents freedom, happyness, curiousity and is appealing to people who wants to walk away from routine and boredom.  

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